ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2015, Volume 19 - Page 83

ETHAN ISAAC Photo credit: Marc Alan Eric: How has the overall experience been, doing shows for the troops? Ethan Isaac: Playing for the service men and woman is unique in the fact that you’re living in their world, day in and day out, bringing them a little something from home or the states. And it’s really a rewarding and an amazing experience. Eric: I know you've been asked this before, but how did the birth of Edisun come about? Ethan Isaac: Started in 2005. First 5 yrs was mostly overseas spending a lot of time in Germany. We had a place that we stayed and lived at in Germany and an amazing little label over there that pushed us and supported us through those first 5 or so years. Joel Kelly: It was like our second home. We knew where to go around when we had a day off, and we had our own little local hang out Eric: In a world and industry that on some level is built on angst, how and where do you find inspiration to feed the music you create? Ethan Isaac: For me as a lyric writer, I pull from life experiences, but the most successful pieces we've written are the ones with the more positive message--like "Ready To Believe" has been a great anthemic song for us. But we write songs about everything-- songs about the world and message-driven songs--to just everyday life.