ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2015, Volume 19 - Page 80

JP: You've shared the stage with some of Hip Hop‘s legends. Tell us about that. U: I have opened up for artists such as OMARION, RAEKWON, TROY AVE, JIM JONES and the legendary SUGAR HILL GANG. It was an amazing experience to be on the same stage with artists I listened to growing up. To be able to network with these artist, learn from them, and have them tell me they respect my craft was very encouraging. My favorite performance of all these was when I opened up for The Sugar Hill Gang for an Autism charity event in Harlem. Seeing the smiles on those kids’ faces was priceless. I love giving back. JP: You've recently added another skill and craft to your arsenal…care to share? U: Yes, I am now acting and have been doing so for over a year. I started out doing background work for a movie called "Daughter of God" starring KEANU REEVES. Back in April of this year, I was casted to play a character named Shots who's wild and gives no fucks--kinda of like PAC when he played Bishop in “Juice”, but a female version (lol)-for a series called "The City Inside The City”; which is based on true stories of the Dominican Drug Cartel, corrupt cops, and politicians of Washington Heights. It features great actors like HASSAN JOHNSON-- who played Weebay in “The Wire”, RUBEN RIVERA from “Carlito’s Way”, PETER GREEN from “Pulp Fiction”--and many more known faces. You can find this series on YouTube and soon on Amazon and other networks. Just recently, about a month ago, I was called to do extras work for the hit Netflix Series “Orange is the New Black”…and have other major projects lined up. JP: U-Niqe can really “chef it up”, readers. Share with us one of your recipes… U: I do it big in the kitchen I love to cook. I'm puerto Rican and Dominican so I can't cook without the key factor in the flavor of my food "Sofrito" instead of buying that nasty store bought Sofrito I'm going to tell you how to make some Authentic Sofrito: Grab a blender Add 2 cups of water 1 green pepper cut in half 1 yellow onion 1 pack of Sazon with achote 1 TBS of chopped garlic 1 bushel of Recao leaves 2 bushels of Cilantro Blend all together Keep in fridge or freezer Use it to make rice, beans, or add it on any meats with seasoning to give it a great flavor.