ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2015, Volume 19 - Page 7

You are what you do. In saying that, I believe that is mostly applicable toward artists versus the many folks out there just slaving away at their day jobs. As we bring 2015 to a close, I believe that an artist you're going to be hearing about a lot more is Laura Cheadle and her family band. It's not everyone that is blessed with the ability to embrace that special gift they were given from the day they were born. Sometimes there is significant exploration, cultivation and effort required in discovering who you truly are--and then having the courage to share that with the public. Songwriters, specifically, pour their heart and soul in to every lyric they write as they expose themselves for your listening pleasure. The fact that Laura Cheadle is a Blues/Jazz musician couldn't be a more quintessential style of music, as it reflects her inner and outer beauty. The emotion, energy--and just outright “groovy” nature of Laura's songs and performances are palatable. This has been an exciting year, in which Laura has completed filming an Official Music Video, gotten an endorsement by a clothing line, and been given the ultimate recognition…which we'll leave as a surprise for 2016. The bottom line is, if you're not familiar with Laura Cheadle yet, you soon will be. So you might as well avoid the inevitable and go check her out now, just so you have the bragging rights to say you were familiar with her music before she became the next great sensation in music entertainment. *** Scotty J: This has been such a dynamic year for you…from having one of your songs selected to be featured in a movie, to making an official music video, and then getting selected as a spokesmodel for a clothing line. Can you talk about some of these highlights in more detail? Laura Cheadle: Absolutely! I am so excited for my official music video for my Blues song, “This Love Looks Good On Me”. This is by far my best video yet and Scott Johnson of Rock Titan TV really did an incredible job with the footage. The teaser is now up on my social media and this will be released soon! I can't talk much about the movie placement, but I will be officially be announcing that soon, via my social media as well! I am now the official spokesmodel for Beeska Hippie Designs out of New York City. I will be wearing all of these amazing designs at all my shows, and continue to post me wearing them online. The full line launch is coming soon, where I will be performing at the fashion show/ launch party. This line perfectly fits my Hippie/Bohemian style, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it!