ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2015, Volume 19 - Page 68

Story and Photography by Timothy Schumann I cover many; a lot of bands of this caliber. I have labeled them "Cookie Cutter" types of Metal bands--you know what I' am talking about if you follow this brand of music: no lead guitar, just cords and two singers jumping around like circus monkeys. And this is what I expected when I was approved to cover BLESSTHEFALL on October 21, 2015, here in El Paso, at our jewel of venues, TRICKY FALLS. Truth be told, I was sadly mistaken--blessthefall brought their "To Those Left Behind" tour to our fair city and just wiped out the audience with their brand of Metal Core/Hard Core music! They hail from Phoenix, Arizona--which isn't too far from here and fronted by BEAU BOKEN--who did nothing but impress me to the core--an excellent front man! He was full of energy and reached out to the crowd from the very beginning of the show! The band just killed everyone with epic tunes like "Decayer", "What's Left of Me" and "God Wears Gucci". Crowd Surfing and Circle Pits were the order of the evening. Fans gave everything they had--as well as the band--as the night wore down. To be honest, not only did these guys put on a show that was second to none, but I had the chance to meet everyone backstage before the show and you couldn't have asked a finer group of young men. I had to ask them to stop calling me "Sir"--that's the kind of respect they were showing me. Timothy Schumann and Beau Boken of blessthefall In closing, it is shows like this that make you remember that you are alive. I highly recommend taking in a blessthefall show. Take my word for it, you won't regret the price of the ticket…it’s money well spent! WWW.BLESSTHEFALLMUSIC.COM WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/BLESSTHEFALL