ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2015, Volume 19 - Page 44

Boniewicz reciprocates the sentiment--and there’s been visible documentation that the band’s audiences pick up on what he says. “I can be in the worst place mentally, sit down at my drum kit, and be the happiest person alive,” he says. “I’m just happy that now everyone can share in our hard work; whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or are hearing us for the first time.” With that hard work in tow, Perna sees the band taking that blind leap of faith in the foreseeable future and truly testing the professional mettle of Behind The Grey’s brand. After three years, it’s possible this band’s story is really just about to unfold. “We all want this to be a career,” he firmly states. “By summer we kind of plan on dropping the day jobs and see if this thing has legs--take the album out on the road and make some new fans, and be our own bosses. I’d rather punch my own clock than someone else’s.” Find Behind The Grey online at: