ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2015, Volume 19 - Page 32

Dagda: How does the band approach a new song or idea? Mat: It pretty much starts with the two of us. We don’t think big picture--we start with each other and then branch outward with the others. We bring a skeleton with a little bit of meat on it--and then the others can add on their pieces. The skeleton is he and I. Dagda: What is the criteria for any cover that you are considering? Mat: That’s a good question…for example, “Bohemian Rhapsody” was a challenge. It’s one of those songs that we all grew up listening to and it is such a masterpiece. Beyond it being a great song, it was an amazing feat to capture it. We wanted to pay homage, but not cheat it and record our own version. Many of the covers will be our own interpretation, but we wanted to prove to ourselves that we could to do this. All of the covers that we have done have touched us. Whether it was in a band, or that specific song. It’s not about picking the cover. I find that sometimes there are certain songs that you think are perfect and trying to rethink that is very difficult. You will also hear other songs that you really like and you can approach differently; not to make an awesome song better, just different. Dagda: If you know Maynard, you know of his passion for wine. Will any of the Caduceus creations be present on tour? Mat: It’s not necessarily around when we are working. When we hang out and celebrate, that is there where it will be. You will also see it on stage where we typically drink bottles of water and sip wine. We appeal to the wine drinking crowd. Dagda: The song “Mama Sed” has evolved over time. Will we hear any of the older tracks on the new album? Mat: It is all new material on the new album. No rework on this one. We have two new players and we will encourage them to make their own live sound. More likely than not, you will hear one or two things be re-interpreted for the live show. Dagda: I read some of your older interviews about putting out your own music and giving some other bands the opportunity to put some of their own music out under your direction. If I were an artist, how would I go about speaking with you about an opportunity like that? Mat: Facebook is the easiest. Everyone seems to have it. That is a good way to start a dialogue. Past that it, is direct contact. Social media is quick and easy. Dagda: Any special guests on deck for the tour? Mat: Nothing that we are planning, but if we have friends there, we are definitely going to invite them out and try to work something up. It will happen on the fly--nothing we are planning this far in advance.