ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2015, Volume 19 - Page 12

Story and Photography by Timothy Schumann I knew about this show back in mid-summer through the promoter at the venue, but was sworn to secrecy. The show would happen either in August or October, so with that said, on October 28th, MARILYN MANSON with his "The Hell Not Hallelujah Tour" waded into El Paso like MacArthur did in the Philippines! TRICKY FALLS braced for impact on this day, because this show had been sold-out for months and the venue holds 1500 tops. The first people arrived at 7am to secure a spot at the front door so they could be the first in when the doors opened at 7:00 p.m. Needless to say, with Tricky being “General Admission”--there was a mad dash to the barricade. Now, I had done a few sell-out shows at Tricky, but this seemed just a little over the top with the pushing and shoving to get closer to the front. I just was happy not to be a part of that madness being in the photo pit with credentials. Manson hit the stage with my personal favorite song, "Deep Six"--and that's all it took to set this audience afire. He followed with classics like "Sweet Dreams", The Beautiful People" and of course, "The Dope Show". As the show continued, the audience got more and more insane and took to throwing bras and panties at Manson…who gladly wore them on his head. In his true “shock” style, he would also proceed to cut his hand open with a broken Coors beer bottle—and then lap up his own blood (not to mention, setting the Bible on fire). This type of performance had an effect on the crowd that the word “insanity” doesn't even come close to describing--it was sheer bedlam and madness…but that is Marilyn Manson at his best! In closing, Manson denies most media who seek to obtain credentials to photograph him--so why of all people of the working media in El Paso, I was chosen and given a pass, is a mystery to me. I was denied my prior request, but then to my personal surprise, I was astounded to be approved at the door. I feel very fortunate and blessed to have covered this epic event. Truth be told, I'll never forget it. WWW.MARILYNMANSON.COM