ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 - Page 94

The End RESULT…Thinking Beyond YOUR Scene By DJ RTFX Many artists have asked me about the best way to go about marketing ourselves at a minimal to no cost. This is a very easy formula. First you HAVE to THINK outside of the box and outside of your scene. While YOUR scene can produce a local hero following, today’s marketing, DEMANDS you think on a global level. Neue Regel Radio alone has done research for MANY artists who need to start exposing themselves to a new markets (WAIT WHAT? LOL). YES. Aside from ReverbNation, Facebook band pages and such. Search for Zines, Stations and other entities who RIGHTLY support Independent artists outside of YOUR local area. Be Daring! Countries like Germany, Italy, Sweden and Australia all have booming Independent scenes. There are also kick ass radio stations all over the world looking for great talent no matter where is it comes from. Become friends with these bands overseas and promote them on your local social pages and in turn, they will do the same. They are looking for the same thing you are--expansion into new markets. Don’t be afraid of the language barrier…or did you ever hear of “translate”? Under no circumstances stay loyal to just one station, one magazine or whatever. You are seriously compromising your ability to market yourselves in many target markets. If that entity that you’re working with tell you at ANYTIME that you are one of “their” bands, FUCK THEM and leave quickly. They don’t own you. If any station or entity that threatens you with NOT playing you, say FUCK YOU and leave. There are a ton of radio stations that will work the RIGHT WAY with you. Now I know that there are some people out there who would be all too ready to throw you under the bus and smear your name across social pages—thus, trying to kill your career before it even gets off the ground. Be silent and don’t answer ANYONE who ever gives you these ultimatums. Just don’t engage negativity on ANY LEVEL.