ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 - Page 90

Ashley: That is how I feel too. Hard to put yourself in a box. Some of my fans say that they hate Country music but love my music. I never really intended for the Country label to happen. It’s in there, but I am more of an Americana, Rock, Pop, Country kind of vibe. It’s in there--more GRACE POTTER than MIRANDA LAMBERT. Hard to explain…the genres are blurred. The old school folks are having a hard time putting me somewhere. Dagda: How are you measuring success? Ashley: Changes by the week. Lots of things that you feel are successful, but things change by the minute. One experience to another…on an upward staircase. I have been lucky to have these experiences and having my music on FM radio. Thinking about what’s the next step, lots to think about. Been blessed and recognized means the world to me. A “step by step” kind of process. Dagda: If you could play anywhere, where would you play? Ashley: Let’s see…pretty cool to play maybe THE GRAND OLE OPRY…GILETTE STADIUM. I’ve seen people open for big artists and I could see myself there. Def on my bucket list!