ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 - Page 87

“Oriental” whimsy…and builds slowly, buoyed by the rich voice of Aziza and grungy guitars. There is a Baroque treatment of this song…deep, dark and intense. Dramatic! Another notable track is “Divine World”—with the mysterious organ music, I would expect the Phantom of the Opera and Vampira to be lurking close by! Again vocalist Aziza Poggi delivers the listener passionately into her clutches! I appreciate this “image conjuring” offering. It presents some surprising “change-ups” and also spotlights an outstanding guitar solo. Gentle piano strains herald “The Lonely Phoenix”. This song really captured my heart; with its ballad opening that builds into a crashing crescendo of sound. I appreciate the co-mingling of the keys and the guttural guitar riffs—and the contrast they present. Title track “A World of Silence” presents the same contrast in sound…and takes the listener on a journey of the dramatic. This song is intense and haunting. Opening track “My Muse” shows the band’s diversity, with more of a ROCK flavor in its opening bars. The emotional ballad “My Own Little Hell” is reminiscent of a lullaby, then suddenly switches gear and blasts into a stratosphere of passion engulfing the listener's ear. The music of ARIA FLAME delivers ambiance—an immersion into sound-triggering emotions. There are so many different “sides” of ARIA FLAME…During each listen, you will uncover new beauty this music. I'm looking forward to their future releases and hope to see them one day live on stage!