ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 - Page 85

Letting Go with GIANNA ISABELLA By Kiki Plesha Photo credit: Andrew Foord GIANNA ISABELLA was born in Hackensack, New Jersey and began her singing career at the ripe old age of 4. Her first demo was cut at the advanced age of 6 (“I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”). She took to the stage of “X Factor” at 14 (her current age), and although she was in the Top 40 of her category, she was eventually cut. She admits to her time on “X Factor” as being “nerve-wracking”, but also is quick to add, “I had a lot of fun!” She then turned her sights on making YouTube Videos and Vines and entering more talent competitions. And one of those competitions happened to be “Dream Night Talent Search” in New York. This time, there was NO cutting Gianna. Gianna Isabella took home Top Honors. Again, she was nervous, but found solace in the guidance given by the coaches and their sage advice. Says Gianna, “They told me that I just need to ‘let go’ and not care what people thought about me while I was on stage. That really helped me--so that just what I did! And due to that amazing advice, I won!” And life has been a whirlwind since then—studio work, writing, social media, and of course, continuing to hone her craft. She candidly discusses the sacrifices she makes while in pursuit of her music career--“Of course, being a singer can sometimes be stressful, because while some teenagers are at parties or on dates, I’m at the studio, at a photo shoot, or having singing lessons. It really doesn’t bug me too much because I know one day all my hard work will pay off. Singing has been my dream for as long as I can remember.” Although one can close their eyes and imagine a more mature person is behind those vocals, a teen she is. Gianna loves the color “pink” and the show “American Horror Story”. She proudly shares that she is “double-jointed” in her arms. And, she enjoys reading and cheerleading. “I used to be on a cheerleading team, but I had to stop because I needed to focus on my singing more—best decision I’ve ever made.” Gianna receives a lot of support from her family and enjoys a close relationship with her siblings. She says, “I love going to explore New York with my older sister, TORI FESTA. She is in the modeling industry. Our dream is to one day move to Los Angeles together and become famous. I have a brother named CHRIS, he plays hockey, and my other sister is KAYLA--she is a hairstylist.”Her father, CHRIS SR., is a corrections officer and her mother is BRENDA K STARR--a renowned singer in her own right and mentor to Gianna. Says Gianna of her mother—whom also serves as her vocal instructor, “She is my biggest inspiration. She was the one who told me to always follow my dreams.” Apparently, that was sound advice from Mom, for following it led to “Dream Night Talent Search”, where Gianna Isabella did “let go”, and left it ALL on the stage--proving that although “14” is a small number, when you have a BIG voice, that is all that really matters.