ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 - Page 83

million albums EDDIE VAN HALEN released a new single today, it would most likely retail for 99 cents. If yours truly, who has not achieved one millionth of what Eddie has in his career, released a single, it would retail for the same. Let us never forget why we really make music and its impact beyond monetary measure. These are, indeed, interesting times for artists, and I personally cannot predict where we are headed. *** FELIX HUANG of Canton, China, is a man I am proud to call a dear friend. He is also a fine manufacturer of premium guitars. This model, the RPG-HD4104, features the very best sitka and maple woods, a beautiful rosewood neck and gold machine inlays. Each instrument undergoes a painstaking inspection and artisan preparation process to insure optimum craftsmanship and value. Felix's stewardship of this amazing group of technicians ensures each guitar will give the purchaser years of enjoyment for a reasonable price. Merry Christmas from “Shredding Santa”! (aka Thomas R. Jenney, Ph.D.)