ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 - Page 82

This reporter wants to extend his sincerest thanks to our esteemed Editor-In-Chief KIKI PLESHA, who will be featured prominently at The BARBERTON GALLERY OF FINE ARTS’ “Jimi Hendrix Art Festival”. Not only will her portrait of Jimi (pictured left) be displayed in our exhibit, Kiki will be our keynote speaker, addressing our patrons on November 29, 2014. Kiki's work will be displayed alongside contributions by AMERICAN GREETINGS' JAMES HARMON and various sculptors, writers and textile artists. We are thrilled to have Kiki show at our gallery, as well as welcoming her as a contributing artist to THE FINE ARTS CULTURAL EXCHANGE of Japan, who displayed the work she shared to our friends across the Pacific. Full coverage and an interview with Kiki coming next month. *** Few individuals have achieved the list of well-deserved accolades that VINCE GILL has. A twenty time Grammy Award recipient, an emeritus host and multiple Country Music Association Award winner--this fine vocalist and Country guitar virtuoso is held in the greatest regard an artist can attain. Vince Gill recently made some astute observations about the state of the music industry. Gill was displeased that an industry which he has ascended to the highest level by refining and mastering his craft over decades, sells his singles for 99 cents per download--his contention being, that is what a 45 rpm of a single sold for in 1960. Furthermore, his life's work was held equal in monetary value to an app of downloadable fart noises, which also sells for 99 cents. JERRY LEE LEWIS once famously stated that all artists merely want to be appreciated. Gill feels the same, and that talented people are watching their art be trivialized and sold far too cheaply. Without naming the major download services, which all run about the same, Gill has several compelling points. If Rock Hall Inductee and seller of 80