ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 - Page 80

more out of the lyrics, and the smaller atmosphere allows you the ability to be more personal with the audience. The same can be said for a local bar though sometimes that can get more rowdy and fun than what you'd get at a café. Now outdoor gigs are great for the FRESH AIR! I also love how, when I've played outdoors during a local art walk or festival, complete strangers passing by on their way to the next vendor have just stopped in the middle of their travels, and listened. Or sitting in the restaurant next door, will come out to hear me. The fact that the music I was playing touched them so much that they had to stop, and that they took time out of their evening to just listen to me...THAT is a pretty incredible thing that I don't think can be matched at any other venue. However, weather and bugs…are certainly not my favorite variables.