ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 - Page 76

Music by JENN JOHNSON “Piano” Interview and Photography by CeeJ You’ve gone out to see a band you’re familiar with and you’ve gotten there early to enjoy the whole night. Normally, you’re not there for the opening acts, and rarely do they impress you. Tonight though, the opening act is this beautiful woman with a hauntingly beautiful voice and piano playing abilities that will blow you away. Tonight you’re hearing incredible compositions with gorgeous, deep, meaningful lyrics that will leave you astounded. Tonight you are witnessing a woman perform her beautiful original compositions, as well as some jaw dropping rearrangements of hit songs you would NEVER have thought would go over well on piano, but tonight, are doing JUST that. Tonight…you are witnessing JENN JOHNSON. My husband and I have seen Jenn a few times now, and have always thought she was ION caliber material. With her new album on the horizon, I took some time to chat with Jenn about her history in music and the new album. CeeJ: Music is a huge part of your life...tell me a little about how long you have been singing, writing and playing piano? Jenn: Music and I have been together practically since infancy. Seriously! Somewhere, there is video footage of toddler-me singing my heart out to Christmas carols. And probably my earliest memory is of going on a road trip with my parents to visit family...and my little four year old self was singing away in the backseat to HEART’S "All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You", that was playing on a mix tape! (Clearly I was too young to understand the meaning. LOL!).I