ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 - Page 71

The two female vocalists are “spot on” inviting as they serve the lyrics with a sultry soprano lilt. On this EP, if I HAD to pick, my favorite selection would be “Reflections”…with its massive guitar mix and brilliant keys, buoyed by the incredible opera vocals. I can close my eyes, and pick up nuances of DREAM THEATER. The vocals are reminiscent of TARJA TURUNEN--quite the compliment! There is a beautiful, yet haunting atmosphere created by AONIA on this EP. Throughout, there is a richness and fullness of sound, a la AERYON meets THERION. The last track “Nightmare” bids the perfect “leave them wanting more” farewell. Brilliant vocals and excellent musicianship combine to deliver this EP to its conclusion. The sum of these tracks is of a sort of “heaven for the ears”. After listening to this EP of the English Aonia, I think this work is sheer perfection! The EP is undeniably Aonia, but with many influences and different styles and progressions in power. They are a perfect mash-up of melodic Metal and symphonic sound. I recommend this EP for YOUR library. You will appreciate it as much as I did…guaranteed!