ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 - Page 67

stupid (laughs). And, he laughed—he said, ‘You’re right.’” Train instilled the idea into the young man that to kill yourself would be to let your antagonizer win; instead suggesting that the boy stay alive to “piss them off.” With Train’s inspiration, he ended up changing his view on many personal topics. “This was all during summer break,” she says. “His mother told me that when school started, the boy began to really feel good about himself--trying to lose weight, he’s confident, and the kids really don’t pick on him anymore…he has a girlfriend. She said, ‘I swear his life turned around the day he talked to you. I was crying (laughs).” Train notes that such a moving experience was “the cherry on top of the art cake” for her. She hopes that her music can move people, in any way they choose to interpret it. “When you love someone, I guess you want them to learn from your experiences,” she says. “Really, the best way is to learn from your own experiences, and it usually happens that way. But, I think I wanted to expose, that as awesome as my life has looked on Facebook, I went through a lot of things, and I know that other people go through the same types of things behind closed doors. “I made it out of those things, and they can too. There’s never any reason to stay miserable.”