ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 - Page 64

way at all. There is a lot of talent out there--some gets discovered, some doesn’t. I just feel like I can be up there with them because I believe I have the talent to get there as well.” Though she may not be a household name quite yet, Train has, in fact, “been there”. She had the chance to sing backup for Liz Phair for the extent of the 1999 Lilith Fair run, for starters. She’s also contributed vocals to Joe Lynn Turner’s 1997 “Undercover” album; her international recording debut. She had a particularly positive experience touring with the talented troupe of female musicians that comprised the successful “Lilith Fair”. “I thought I totally got through the door!” she laughs, reflecting upon the touring gig with Lilith. “Well, I did, though not on my own merit, but still--just sharing the stage with people who are that talented and that well-known, being able to play in front of audiences that size, it just reaffirmed that this is what I wanted to do and belong doing. I love looking at the audience’s faces, and I love making people happy through music.” Train also made a name for herself in the world of commercial jingles and “extra” acting. Prior to that “Lilith Fair” tour, she found herself doing jingles and commercial work in New York City. Through that experience, she gained her Screen Actors Guild card. After being away from touring or a year, she came back to town to f