ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 - Page 53

Washington D.C. area based A SOUND OF THUNDER will simply melt your face. It’s not very often that you get the chance to attend a private, invitation-only performance, but thanks to a friend, TIM SIRBAUGH of Inwood, WV, I was afforded this opportunity. Tim has been a longtime vocal supporter of ASOT and had been after me for some time to cover them and finally, FINALLY, the stars lined up for me to get out and see them. It was a day filled with great food, great people, including GREG AND DEBRA SHILEY--from the famed outdoor concert venue SHILEY ACRES, but more than anything, it was a day of great music. The 2 hour set played outdoors on a cool, very breezy day, and left me in awe, wondering how a band as talented as this escaped my radar for as long as they did. Led by the blistering hot vocals of NINA OSEGUEDA, A Sound of Thunder could certainly stake claim as one of, if not THE Mid– Atlantic region’s premier female-fronted Metal band. There is no doubt when you watch A Sound of Thunder on stage that they enjoy the music they play…led by the blazing guitar of primary song writer, JOSH SWARTZ--who effortlessly cut a path through the cool fall day with his six string weapon. JESSE KEEN, bassist extraordinaire, has a very energetic stage presence, and with the long flowing hair, has the appearance of a Rock Star, but it is his musicianship that gives him the talent to back up the Rock Star look. CHRIS HAREN on drums, pounds the skins with no mercy, keeping a very, very tight rhythm section with Keen. What can you expect musically from A Sound of Thunder show? The answer to me is outlined over multiple generations, not just the here and now. I think that you can find elements of IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST and even BLACK SABBATH, which emanate from A Sound of Thunder’s music. As I had their CD playing in my vehicle, without saying a word about who it was, my son asked, “Is this the new HALESTORM music?”, lending more validity to the multi-generational sound aspect of A Sound of the Thunder. With all due respect to IZZY, AREJAY and the gang, I’m quite confident that ASOT itself would liken themselves more towards a band like Germany’s PRIMAL FEAR than Halestorm. Any way you slice it, dice it, or chop it, it is certainly worth the trip from wherever you are to see them perform. The band’s fourth studio album, “The Lesser Key of Solomon” is without a doubt, a gem, a keeper, a home run…I guess you get the point by now. From the instrumental introduction of “Nexus of Realities” to the hook-filled tune “Fortuneteller”, to the ballad “The Boy Who Could Fly”—“The Lesser Key of Solomon” translates into something for everyone. I’m thoroughly convinced if you can’t find something on this album that hits your hot button, then perhaps your thermostat needs to be replaced. My favorite track on the release is a straight up rockin’ tune titled “Black Secrets”. I believe it showcases Nina’s vocals better than any other track on the album and just has such a great vibe to it--I could just put it on repeat and listen over and over again. Go out buy the CD and when they hit your area, the live show is an absolute MUST SEE and a band I hope to see on the bill at Shiley Acres next year.