ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 - Page 5

ABOUT ION INDIE MAGAZINE ION Indie Magazine is founded by CEO and Editor-in-Chief Kiki Plesha (aka The Fairy Rock Mother) and is considered her ‘love-letter’ to Independent music. The staff of ION Indie Magazine is comprised of dedicated volunteers from the music industry, the business sector, and journalism fields. Their combined objective is to get Indie music read about and heard. To this end, ION Indie Magazine partners with broadcast affiliates and others worldwide, along with lending the ION name to support various music projects/events on a global level. ION Indie Magazine is: Kiki Plesha, J.B. Bridges, Jay Petsko, Jere Perry (JP Rawk), Yvonne Day, Ken Jones, Thomas R. Jenney Ph.D, Citi Zenx (Dr X), Scott Alexander Johnson (Scotty J), Timothy Schumann, Carol Jones (CeeJ), Katarzyna Zakolska (Kat Zee), Tom Parrish, Shawn Joseph Peters, Daniel Johnson, Chris Wurtinger and Mark Uricheck Our Promotional Partners are: Neue Regel Radio, WBAD Radio, Crim Radio, Twisters Music, Keep it Metal Promotions, IAAM Radio, Muse Boat Radio, Soft Edge Desingz, The Big Apple Indie Music Series, Local Talent Connect, Tha Artist’s Network, The Fyre and Ice Show, T&T Management and Booking Agency and ReverbNation.