ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 - Page 31

St. Laz just may be the last of a dying breed of Rapper who embraces the grit and flavor of Hip Hop's golden years. Raised in the notorious “Brownsville Brooklyn” section of New York, St. Laz has experienced the hardships and lifestyle that radio Rappers pay ghost writers to envelop. After a stint at NY State Prison and New York's Rikers Island, St. Laz emerged ready to take the Hip Hop world by storm. In 2006, he released the "Myspace Woes" video, and has virtually written the Do-It-Yourself Guide to self-promotion; being one of the first Independent Rappers to fully embrace the internet to self-promote. While garnishing criticism and acclaim along the way, St. Laz proved the internet to be a formidable marketing tool. Forming Pottersfield, his Supergroup-- composed of Opium, Buckaloud and Souljah--the band has composed over 1000 songs and has become a blueprint for his Independent label New Industry Records. On his own, St. Laz has become an Independent sensation--appearing on over 1000 mixtapes with over 50 million listens and video views combined and collaborating with Hip Hop's Elite such as Jim Jones, Kool G Rap and Jaydakiss, to mention a few. To say St. Laz is overdue for Rap super-stardom is an understatement. With a worldwide cult following, St. Laz's is probably your favorite Rapper’s favorite Rapper. His songs have been played on New York’s infamous “Hot 97” by Hip Hop's elite DJs such as Kay Slay, Whoo Kid and Green Lantern. Simply "google" St. Laz and you can get a sense of this artist's reach. Two years ago, St. Laz and fellow Pottersfield alumni Opium formed Pottersfield TV. Pottersfield TV is a cable television video show currently airing in San Diego, Minneapolis, New York, Newark and Atlanta. Pottersfield TV's mission is to bring REAL Hip Hop to the masses, and to give underground Hip Hop and R&B artists an outlet and exposure. Recently, ION Indie Magazine caught up with St. Laz for short interview.