ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 - Page 105

of encouragement that are dangerously close to being cliché--such as “Hey man, nice set!” or “Good job, man.” Sometimes you mean it more than others...sometimes it seems like it's just a little too politicallycorrect saying and hearing these things; but, usually there is some degree of genuine sincerity in there as well. Because no matter what, it always takes balls to get up there and do it in the first place. Sometimes though...sometimes a band starts up and no matter how busy or tired you are, or who you’re talking to, or where you currently are in the nonstop juggle of drums, basses, amps, guitars and endless cases of miscellaneous gear, you stop what you are doing, turn to the stage and get completely blown away. It doesn’t happen every time, but when it does, you end up with a new name of a band. The last time it happened to me, it was a band called SLOWBURN. Slowburn recently headlined the second stage at “Cherry Pit Studios Presents III” at the world-famous THE RAVE/EAGLES BALLROOM in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Cherry Pit Studios Presents is an annual show put on by CHERRY PIT STUDIOS & PUBLISHING owner and producer ERIC LABROSSE, to showcase the regional group of his studio’s stable of bands. Generally there are 3 stages and up to 15 bands--but this year there were only 4 regional groups and 4 national acts headed up by NONPOINT. My band, AMERICAN ZER0S, played the set before SLOWBURN on the second stage. I had not had the chance to see Slowburn before that night. I remember being off stage putting my guitars in their cases. Slowburn probably played less than 30 seconds before I stopped what I was doing, turned to the stage and was completely blown away. I had a chance to ask Jarod, bass player of Slowburn a few questions: Dr. X: How did you come up with the name Slowburn? Jarod: We were basically sitting around at rehearsal one day early on. Someone said that “we are sitting here slowly burning time away looking for a name.” That was pretty much it. Dr. X: Introduce us to the guys. Jarod: SETH DAUGHERTY (drums), LUKE VITKUS (rhythm guitar), JAROD ADAMS (bass guitar), NICK CORRAO (lead guitar) and CHRISTIAN RICARDO CORCHADO (vocals). Dr. X: Since we record at the same studio, Cherry Pit Studios, I see your name come up from time-to-time with licensing placements. What placements has Slowburn had so far? Jarod: "Lie" was used to introduce the 2015 Subaru WRX STI at “The Detroit Auto Show”. "Coming For You" was used as the promo song for the “Lumberjack Match” of DEAN AMBROSE VS. SETH ROLLINS at the 2014 “WWE Summerslam”. Dr. X: For me, getting a song used on TV or an event is almost indescribable, how did getting placements make you guys feel? Jarod: We were beyond words. The Subaru thing was the first time our music had ever been used by anyone. It was a huge moment for us, and honestly, I never even thought about something like that until then. Then, one night, we get word that our song was on “Summerslam” and that was AMAZING! Christian was especially happy knowing that his voice had been heard by who knows how many people. We saw a spike in