ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 - Page 104

Music by SLOWBURN “Blind” SLOWBURN Interview by Dr. X For all of you musicians and bands out there playing shows--especially larger shows with multiple bands— you know what it's like. You have to have your gear hauled in and pre-staged for your set, then do a hectic changeover to play your set, then pull ALL of your gear off of the stage as fast as you can so the next band can get their gear on and set up, THEN you have to pack up all of your gear offstage and lug it all the way back to your car...all-the-while talking with your friends, family and fans who have come to the show to support your music and the local music scene. You’re pretty busy. It has probably been an incredibly long day already and depending on if you had a great performance or a complete train-wreck you’re either in a great mood or a pretty shitty mood. Either way, to some degree, you are probably at least a little bit tired. Put it this way: When you are playing a show with multiple bands, you don't always have time to listen to the other bands. I mean, you hear them and you can usually catch bits and pieces of their set, but you rarely get to check out the whole set. It usually isn’t out of disrespect or anything negative in any's just kind of the way it is. Sometimes you don’t even really have much time to talk to the other band members because everybody is in the same boat and are just as busy as the next guy. Sure, there are always the standard words