ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 - Page 101

different elements of European Folk traditions, set in the gloomy atmosphere of medieval legends. The beginning track “Алан (Alan)” offers a spirited violin opening with a folkish, celtic vibe—I can close my eyes and imagine lifting a mug in an ancient pub. Singer VALENTINA TSYGANOVA delivers a strong vocal reminiscent of DORO. The lyrics are punctuated with background shouts of exuberance. Melodic singing, powerful guitar work and violin interludes—heightened by interjected screaming define “Коваль (Blacksmith)”—setting a medieval atmosphere in the mind’s eye. The gentle flutes of “Ворон (Raven)” are hypnotizing and ethereal. There are also two instrumental tracks—the powerful “An Dro” with climatic violins and heavier riffs—serving up a “catchy” composition, and my personal favorite “Witnesses of J” with the lilting flutes ringing clear underscored by guttural guitars. The driving drums in KORPIKLAANI style are evident in “Топь (Slough)”, contrasted by the beautiful sounds of the flute—with a dash of their signature guttural interjections. WOODSCREAM sets an incredible atmosphere is in “Лесной царь (King of the Forest)” where pounding drums and gentle violins evoke mystical sounds, enhanced by rich female vocals. Another song with energetic drumming, coupled with violins, singing and screaming, is the aggressive offering, “Зов (Call)”. Summing up, fans of female-fronted bands will be in “seventh heaven” while listening to this eclectic album by Folk Metal Russian band Woodscream. I am very happy that I have had the opportunity to delve into this fascinating album and to write a review of it. Every song is wellworked and demonstrates that WOODSCREAM is ready to take the world stage. The vocalist presents the lyrics with passion and the musicians deliver the compositions from their hearts and souls. “Octastorium” is worthy of a place in your library…one listen, and you will find yourself drawn into the mystique that is Woodscream…and will want to revisit again and again.