ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2014, Volume 7 - Page 100

CD Review by Kat Zee TRACK LIST: 01-Алан (Alan) 02-Топь (Slough) 03-Лесной царь (King of the Forest) 04-An Dro 05-Коваль (Blacksmith) 06-Ворон (Raven) 07-Зов (Call) 08-Witnesses of J THE BAND: Valentina Tsyganova-Vocal/Recorder Anastasia Smelova -Violin Alexander Klimov-Guitar/Scream Ivan Budkin-Bass/Growl Pavel Malyshev-Drums WOODSCREAM is female-fronted Folk Metal band from Saint Petersburg, Russia. The band was founded by the guitar-player ALEXANDER KLIMOV in September 2006, and they have already recorded 3 singles and the mini-album “Pentadrama”; released in spring 2010. September 15, 2014, they released their new full-length album “Octastorium”, where the band presents a tuneful union of different styles of contemporary Metal, incorporating