ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 99

474theMiX© is a 24/7 Rock and Roll radio station that takes great pride in providing you, the listener, the best tunes! We also place a high priority on the fidelity of the music we bring to you--with hand-picked Rock and Roll that shaped the decades of the 60’S, 70's, 80's and 90's--right on up to today's Rock. Here at 474theMiX, you will re-discover your favorite Classic Rock, Alternative and Indie music...AND hear the latest and greatest new bands and artists as well. As technology becomes more prevalent in our day to day lives, the "radio" and what it means is changing rapidly. The market for traditional radio (terrestrial AM/FM) is declining as more people turn to the internet to listen at home, at work and on the go. Now, even your favorite AM/FM stations have more listeners tune-in online/mobile than terrestrial radio listeners. Are you a solo musician or in a band? Looking to get some exposure to the industry AND some air time for your music? 474theMiX invites you to enter The MiX “Artist of the Month”! Visit for complete Prize Pack information and details on how you can become the next MiX “Artist of the Month”!