ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 97

Valley of the King • CD Review by Kat Zee Track List: 1. The Valley of the King 2. Desolate Pathway 3. Forest of Mirrors 4. Last of my Kind 5. Season of the Witch 6. King of Vultures 7. Shadow of the Tormentor 8. Upon the Throne of Lights The Band: Simon Stanton - Vocals Vince Hempstead - Lead Guitar Jim Rumsey - Bass Mags - Drums DESOLATE PATHWAY is a Retro/Traditional Doom Metal band with epic echoes from London in United Kingdom. The band was formed in April 2014 by former PAGAN ALTAR guitarist VINCE HEMPSTEAD. This British group released their debut album “Valley of the King” on October 31, 2014. Four men and one “Power-lady” on drums connect Traditional Doom Metal with modern elements and techniques; from heavier to calmer sounds. My favorite track on this album is Forest of Mirrors. This is a memorable track with lower and slower riffs a la JUDAS PRIEST-energetic track with a impressive drumming by MAGS...pure power! A really interesting track. Vocalist SIMON STANTON’S vocals really carry this CD…with his clear voice punctuating each song. Another highlight of the album is “Season of the Witch” with its raw Heavy Metal riffs executed flawlessly by Vince Hempstead and NUNO JB SILVA. The opening track The Valley of the King is reminiscent of IRON MAIDEN and showcases the basswork of JIM RUMSEY. The guitar solo is nothing short of stunning here! Opening bass lines accented with guitar licks announces Last of My Kind—this song EXPLODES...beckoning the listener, luring them along the path of the unfolding tale.