ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 95

Jim: I grew up with Prog, Metal and Fusion Mags: I grew up with Metal and Rock. The first time I picked up sticks, I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would end up playing in any band at all, let alone in an awesome Doom Metal band. I just wanted to see if I could get a rhythm going. ION: What do you think about music scene in England? Simon: The scene is developing. Vince: I think there are a lot of people too interested in staying at home watching reality television. Before all this, the weekend was all about going to watch band, but now it is so hard to create interest. So that's why we have tried to make something unique that the music scene will want to hear. Nuno: I come from a country where there isn't much of a music scene, specially for alternative genre bands. For that reason I think there is a good scene for Doom metal and Metal generally in England. Jim: It’s a lively scene if you know where to look. We are still finding our feet, but we get a lot of love and encouragement from the audiences. Mags: The underground Metal scene generally, can be pretty sparse as it happens. Not enough people go out to support live music anymore and for that reason, is dying a long, slow, death. Everyone in the UK seems to want to go to play in Europe and vice versa. ION: Which is your biggest dream personally and as a member of DESOLATE PATHWAY? Simon: After fame and fortune, to play a big venue and have the crowd sing along with me--and to be really loud! Vince: To experience touring around the world, as I did with Pagan Altar. And for me, it is to bring Desolate Pathway overseas to many festivals and seeing people enjoying our music is my overall goal. Nuno: Personally, playing on an arena/stadium packed with people, to be a well-known, respected guitarist/musician worldwide. Regarding Desolate Pathway, it is more or less the same as the personal. Our band has a lot of potential, in my opinion, and I think taking our sound worldwide and continue making really good live shows is a good dream and achievable. Jim: Desolate Pathway is wish fulfilment for me. A solid Europe an tour would be amazing though. Mags: It would be awesome if we could play some European festivals, go even further afield and perhaps be signed for our follow up album. ION: Does DESOLATE PATHWAY have any plans to write new music anytime soon? Simon: A new album is in the process of being created. Vince: We are 70% in the process of writing our 2nd album, due to be complete for an early 2016 release and also a limited edition single or EP pre Christmas, with a hope of a vinyl copy. Jim: We are all writing now for the second album. This should be out in early 2016. ION: Thanks for taking your time with this interview. I wish you all the best and hope to see you live on stage one day. Do you have any special wish or greetings to send to anyone or something more to say? Simon: Many thanks for the interview--really appreciate the comments and support! Please enjoy the album and follow the story and then share it with everyone you know! Vince: Thank you for your questions and we hope all listeners to the album get something from our music. We recommend that you listen to the album in full as you would watch a movie to get the full understanding and feel that the story portrays and you can hear all the trials and tribulations unfold throughout every track. Nuno: Thanks. Hope to see you at our shows really soon. A special thanks to our fans--we will continue to do our best to bring