ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 93

ION: You released your debut album Valley Of The King on November 7, 2014. Did You put a lot of effort into it? What are some of the most memorable moments during the album’s making? Simon: The whole process has been memorable, from the first audition to being in the recording studio and all, in a short space of time. Having such a fantastic sounding finished product stands as a memory forever. Vince: We put our heart and soul into this album. I think the most memorable moment was having a recorded interview with WITHERED HANDS podcast--whom came into the studio half way through a recorded session (invited of course). Jim: I remember that it was very cold in the studio. On a more serious note, I enjoyed contributing to the album. It has been a real adventure. Mags: Yes, I think we all put everything we had into making the album as good as we possibly could. I had two days in which to lay down the drums for nine tracks, so somewhat under pressure. Simon came in a few weeks later to do the vocals when Withered Hands also came in and gave us our first ever recorded band interview. ION: You are a unique Doom Metal band with epic echoes, that consists of four men and one power-lady playing on drums. How is the energy between you guys and this beautiful lady? Are all of you friends? Maybe Mags is telling all of you what to do--as every woman should (LOL)? Simon: It's a great collaboration. Everyone offers something different and so when combined, we have a very effective team as well as a band. It's always lots of laughter and we are passionate about performing live so are able to give a great show. Mags keeps us in time (and in check)! Vince: We all have equal input and ideas that we bring to the band to help us make the experience better for us and the listener. I'm sure if we upset Mags we would get a drumstick thrown at our heads. Nuno: Well...she is the drummer; she dictates how the song will go :) . I think we all have freedom to talk about what is wrong or right so at the end of the day, we'll have really good songs to bring a great live show to our fans. Jim: We all look very much to Vince as the captain of our happy ship. We are blessed that we all get on really well. Mags: Ha ha! If need be I just threaten them with the wrath of my drum sticks... ION: I really like Forest of Mirrors, Season of the Witch and Last Of My Kind. Can you tell me something more about these songs? From where did the idea originate to write such lyrics and create these catchy melodies? Simon: Forest and Season tell of the perils and trials of the prince as he faces forces that will keep him from reaching his destiny. They are upbeat-paced songs that hit you in the ears! The ideas follow the theme and concept and are from the prince's point of view and his journey. Last Of My Kind is a passionate song and so the lyrics and mood reflect that ideal. Vince: I wrote all the melodies first, but with the theme of the album and each track in mind. Our former vocalist wrote most of the lyrics, but I had all the titles, stories and arrangements ready to match with the music. ION: What topics are the most import_ant for you to describe in lyrics? Which are your inspires to writing the lyrics on album and create music to your album? Simon: The lyrics were adapted in small parts to suit by myself. They follow the concept of the album in telling the story; they display the prince's views, passion and worries as he is trialled throughout the journey. Vince: I am inspired by all types of music. I have to be in the right mood, but if I feel like writing a certain track I will listen to one band for weeks to get inspiration from. The lyrics are inspired by fantasy and adventure. Our next album is solely based on Greek Mythology and we have put in a lot of research to give more imagery to the tracks. Jim: I like lyrics not only to tell a story, but also to describe conflict and its resolution. There should, in my opinion, always be something there that the audience can relate to, some internal struggle or obstacle that they can understand. Mags: The new album is being lyrically written around Greek mythology. On the creative side, I sometimes wake up with ideas