ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 92

DESOLATE PATHWAY Interview by Kat Zee • Photography by Dirk Illing ION: DESOLATE PATHWAY, how are you today? Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview for ION Indie Magazine. It's big honor for us! Vince: Thanks for inviting us to answer your questions and also an honor. Jim: It’s always encouraging for us when people show interest in what we are trying to do; so, thank you. Mags: Thank you for interviewing us, the honor is all ours. ION: For those who are unfamiliar with Desolate Pathway; how did the band first form and when? Please tell our readers what bands or projects have you played with before you created Desolate Pathway? Simon: I joined the band in late July 2014. At that time the band was formed and looking for a vocalist. Prior to that I sang in a few cover bands in South East England performing classics from SABBATH to METALLICA. Vince: I started writing the album while I was on tour with PAGAN ALTAR. It was originally going to be just a solo project to keep me busy, but it was too good to keep at home. Apart from Pagan Altar, I have also played lead guitar for 80's NWOBHM band SACRILEGE. Jim: I have been involved in various projects and bands over the years, but I suppose that being in ROUGH JUSTICE--a Classic Rock originals band--was the most satisfying before Desolate Pathway. Mags: The band was in its embryonic stage when I joined in May 2014 with just a few demos in place. I've worked with various bands on different projects over the past 14 years or so.