ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 91

That brings us to today…a collector purchased the book and not knowing anything about Matthew, put it up for sale on eBay (along with a number of other items from Worthington’s estate). A few of Matthew’s friends made contact with the seller, who has officially agreed to sell the book for the exact amount he paid for it: $9,250. The seller understood how important this book is to Matthew and has promised to reserve it for him while the money is raised to purchase it. As it was purchased with the intent of reselling for a profit, the seller’s agreement to sell it at his exact cost is a kind gesture on his part. Yes, this book is a legendary piece of Rock and Roll memorabilia, but it’s far more than that: it’s an eternal and heartfelt tribute intended for Matthew, a man who never got the opportunity to get to know his mom. With a growing family of his own, it’s also an opportunity for Matthew’s baby girl Robin to one day learn more about her grandmother. A campaign has been created by two of Matthew’s friends. Matthew did not ask them to do this, but they knew how special this book is to him and want him to have it more than anything in the world. Donations toward the campaign will go directly to Matthew, and 100% of the first $10,000 raised will be used to purchase the book for Matthew ($9,250 for the book and $750 for GoFundMe associated fees). 100% of all donations beyond the $10,000 goal will be donated directly to the CITY OF HOPE ROBIN ANDERSON MEMORIAL FUND, which supports leukemia research and was created by Stevie herself in 1982 after Robin’s passing. Editor’s note: Since the writing of this article, the Go Fund Me campaign was closed and the journal has been purchased through Ebay. No word on the buyer nor if the journal has made it into Matthew’s hands.