ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 90

The Return of Stevie Nicks’ Journal • By Kiki Plesha A plea has been made to help retrieve a special family memento that was put together in the ethereal style that is STEVIE NICKS’—and created for MATTHEW ANDERSON in memory of his mother, ROBIN ANDERSON (Stevie's best friend and fellow 'Gypsy'). A GoFundMe campaign has been created by two friends of Matthew Anderson, the son of Stevie Nicks’ best friend, Robin Anderson. Robin was the inspiration behind some of Stevie’s most successful and enduring songs, including FLEETWOOD MAC’S “Gypsy.” Their friendship dates back to Stevie’s early teen years and far precedes Stevie’s success with Fleetwood Mac. In 1982, Robin was diagnosed with leukemia. In her 1998 “Behind the Music” special, Stevie recalls: “My very best friend Robin called me and told me she had terminal leukemia and that [her doctors] thought that maybe she might last three months.” To further complicate matters, Robin discovered she was pregnant. Six months into the pregnancy, Robin’s condition worsened, and doctors performed an emergency cesarean section to save the baby. Robin passed away a week later. In Stevie’s own words: “She died and they took the baby…and he was three months premature. It was horrible. It was such an upsetting situation.” Devastated, in late 1982 Stevie commissioned a memorial journal to be made in Robin’s honor. It tells the story of Robin’s life and the friendship Stevie and Robin shared. Today, Robin’s son Matthew is 32 years old, and just a few weeks ago (in late May of 2015), Matthew and his wife Amanda gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl named Robin Anderson in honor of her late grandmother. In a 1990 interview with US MAGAZINE, Stevie mentioned the beautiful book she wrote the year that Robin died--and the fact that she had intended for Matthew to be the recipient of the book and some other mementos from his mother. Unfortunately, the book was included in a large lot of items that eventually made their way to HERBERT WORTHINGTON, the legendary Fleetwood Mac photographer known for the cover of “Rumours” and many of the band’s iconic images. When Herbert passed away in 2013, the book was auctioned off by his estate.