ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 78

Photography and Review by Mark Myers • Jewel Nightclub • Manchester, NH Industrial Metal in the Queen City POWERMAN 5000, remember them? That band you and I thought was a one-hit-wonder way back in 1997ish with “When Worlds Collide”. I bet you (I know I did) forgot about the other hits – “Bombshell”, “Super Villain” and “Supernova Goes Pop”. They’re back--and they’re rocking just as hard--and better than ever! MICHAEL DAVID CUMMINGS, a.k.a. “Spider One” (and younger brother of the legendary ROB ZOMBIE) and PM5K rolled into JEWEL NIGHTCLUB on the 4th of July with a bang (sorry about that--couldn’t resist) along with SOIL and 3 YEARS HOLLOW. When I first got the invite to this show, I was very excited to see SOIL and remember thinking--I’ll go check out SOIL’s whole set and then photograph the first 3 songs of PM5K, hit the road and be home by midnight. That didn’t happen… Since opening less than a year ago, Jewel Nightclub has been hosting some amazing Rock shows (BUCKCHERRY, PUDDLE OF MUDD, MICHAEL SCHENKER, JACKYL, etc.), but Powerman 5000 rocked this club like no one before them! Of course, that’s just my humble opinion, but judging by the capacity crowd jumping up and down with Spider One and his crew from the opening song all the way to “When Worlds Collide” (always played last), I’m not alone. The set list did include 5 of the 12 songs from their last album, “Builders Of The Future”, released in 2014. The remaining 7 songs from their set were all familiar hits that kept Jewel rocking. From the opening of the show with “Super Villain” all the way to the encore of “Supernova Goes Pop” and “When Worlds Collide”…it was nonstop lasers, energy and Industrial Heavy Metal. PM5K played like they had a whole lot to prove, making sure everyone knows they’re back and better than ever. Spider and his band never let off the gas pedal and didn’t disappoint the packed house. I always do a couple of things while I’m editing my photos from the show. If I liked the band enough, I check my iTunes to make sure I have all their songs downloaded and I always ask myself, “Would I spend money to see this band again?” Not many bands get added to my “redo list”. PM5K definitely did!