ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 74

Alex: That’s a really good answer. CW: Have you ever played there? Alex: No, no. It would be awesome though; I wouldn’t even know what to do with myself. Or obviously like MADISON SQUARE GARDEN…that’s any musician’s dream. Pete: I think selling out a show anywhere is impressive, and very, very, satisfying in its own rite. We could go to a show downtown, and be just as stoked that it’s sold-out. Even going down to Madison to one of the venues down there and selling it out…that’s awesome. Alex: The only place we have really ever sold-out would be the BRICKHOUSE in Steven’s Point. But by “sold-out”, I mean, going over capacity. CW: What are some of your favorite bands to be on the bill with? Pete: Definitely Mr. (Joe) Huber Alex: Yep, Joe Huber, for sure. We have so many friends and buddies that we like playing with. I like playing with PHIL WICKHAM…he’s a good friend of ours. Pete: SCOTT KIRBY… Alex: OWEN MAYES--I love playing with him. We have shared musicians, we have shared bills…and all that other stuff multiple times. It’s become more like, “I get to see my friend this weekend.”…or something like that, if you know what I mean? That’s what it comes down to. Pete: Even like the TIN CAN GIN CREW in Duluth--I love seeing those kids. They are awesome to hang out with…just good people. There’s a lot of that in the scene…lot of good-natured good people. Always good to connect with friends, get the chance to see them perform and vice versa. CW: What other things do you enjoy besides music in your down time? Pete: Well, we just left the comic book store. So at least me…I am a self-proclaimed nerd. Alex: Pete and I play a lot of “Magic: The Gathering”--pretty nerdy, but we do. I know Oscar loves fishing and so do I…I go fishing as much as I can. Other than that, nothing! I don’t know, anything cool--doing drugs cooking food… Pete: Speak for yourself there… Alex: I’m just kidding…. CW: Is there a song you wrote/play that really connects you with your fans? Pete: We would hope all of them. But I guess that can’t always be the case. I am not sure if there is one in particular. I would hope they could just pick one and relate to it. Alex: We get a good response from most of the newer stuff that we have been writing. The people that have listened to the new music seem to be digging it.