ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 72

Pete: I’m sure ours will probably vary slightly, I think of some of the cooler places that I’ve played. Alex: I always like playing the MINOCQUA BREWING COMPANY. It’s always a good time playing up there. There are a couple really good venues up in the Minocqua area. I have a blast just in general up in that city! It’s really tough to say--we have had good shows and shit shows all over where we have played. So it’s hard to just pick one I guess. Pete: I know there are a couple of clubs that he and I have played in as different bands. When I was gone. Like WESTPORT SALOON…that place. Alex: Oh that’s a really good one…Kansas City Pete: Real cool place, real cool people, and really supportive of this type of music. This roots, Bluegrass scene. Very, very supportive, and always good crowds there. Alex: THE BLUE MAX in Midland, Texas--they have a big ole Burrito bar. Maybe not the biggest crowd, but they always treat you well. It’s like in the middle of the oil fields and it’s pretty neat. CW: As we have been talking, I know there is a new album on the way. How soon are we going to hear it? Alex: Well you can actually already give it a listen and download it now. We’ve got everything streaming at: You can even go to that link on your phone and listen to it all. We prefer that you plug it in and listen to it loud…obviously. Pete: Yeah it’s just not the same over a cell phone. Alex: But you can already download the tracks now. Physical copies will be shipping out by Tuesday, June 30th. Pete: We are doing pre orders for the physical copy, if you need a copy before you would be able to get out to a show. Same price now if you order it or pick it up at a show. So if you’re interested, we will send them out soon as we get them. CW: What are your biggest musical influences? Alex: Well, I think if I have to pick just one, for this band, in my opinion, seems like a no brainer, but the 357 STRING BAND. We are almost like a complete rip-off of that band--that’s me, that’s the band--that when I first saw them, my world changed. All my musical tastes, everything that I was into just kind of went out the window. I was like, Holy cow! What’s going on right now?” I saw HORSESHOES AND AHND GRENADES open for them at GUU’S. I had heard of those guys and I knew they were really good…and 357 played after them and to put it lightly, I was blown away! Pete: You know, I had never even gotten an opportunity to see 357 as the 357 String Band, but I guess a lot of my bass playing is pretty heavily influenced by Rick from 357. He’s more percussive, more just aggressive style, it’s not quite Rockabilly, bu