ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 70

Pete: Nothing quite like writing a Bluegrass song about cutting someone’s head off… CW: So in all, how long have you guys been playing together? Alex: Well, Pete and I have been playing together for um, 6…6 years? Pete: Yeah probably right about 6 years, since I moved up here from Madison. He (Alex) was one of the first guys that I met. OSCAR C. NOETZEL BOB WEIGANDT Alex: Oscar, jeez, just a year and a half probably only, and Bob joined up when we were all in The Ditchrunners, about 3 years ago, and we didn’t even know him. He just called me up one day and said I heard your looking for somebody…I’m gonna come try out. I’ve told that story before. He just showed up… and like, 20 seconds into the first song I just knew, “Okay, I wanna play music with this guy, he’s really, really, good!”--and obviously still is. CW: Do you want to talk at all about your split from The Ditchrunners? Alex: Sure, I mean, there’s not much to say, there was obviously a million reasons why we left, but we just had to make a change. We weren’t happy and we wanted to do something more in this style. Obviously, what we are doing now is a little easier, it’s not such a big production, and less crap to haul in, less members… Pete: Just pretty stripped down from what it was, and down to a more simplistic 4 piece…although it isn’t simplistic in music, per se. It’s just (the band in general) is more challenging. In any sort of work environment/relationship, there’s always going to be struggles, Y