ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 7

Seated behind a large wooden conference table, with coffee brewing and a tray of chocolate cupcakes awaiting her, I stand to greet ANGIE HAZE, as she walks into my art gallery. I had interviewed her a few months ago by phone for my monthly column, THE MUSIC MUSE, and she was, without question, the best interview of my writing career. Astute, honest, extremely funny and intelligent--and one of the nest all around musicians I have ever met. I purposely had guitars uncased about the room, hoping she would sing and maybe jam with me. Picking up a brand new Felix HD 4102 Cutaway that had arrived for my gallery a few days earlier, Angie seamlessly played a diminished jazz progression and sang a gorgeous scale over top of it. Not able to resist the opportunity, I pick up my Fender Strat and ip my amp on. Getting to jam with Angie Haze, after seeing her live--just totally owning the stage--was an honor indeed. I suggested we just start from the beginning, and asked how she began… "I started piano at 6, classically trained, but played by ear, even though there was sheet music. They never gured out I wasn't reading. I had a great memory and gured it out a measure at a time. I trained in the Suzuki Method until I was 16, which helped me later, on the creative side of writing." Born in Akron, the subject came up as to why so many talented musicians--including CHRISSIE HYNDE, DEVO and THE BLACK KEYS--emerged from our Rust Belt city… "There are a lot of creative people and talent here, cuz there's nothing else to do, kinda stuck at home with nothing else to do". I asked Angie about her recent headlining show at the AKRON CIVIC THEATER, one of our city's premier venues. "It was amazing, probably one of my favorite! The architecture alone blows my mind. What I do is theatrical, the bigger the better. Entertain! Be Animated! Radio ear candy is different, just staying home and listening to a CD...I mix things together, add a new ending to songs. Be entertaining! Play your instrument like you make love. I'm Italian, I'm passionate!” At this time, she resumes playing the guitar she has cradled in her lap since she arrived here. Again we jam, then share some common stories about the unpleasant side of the music industry we have encountered over the years.