ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 69

Pete: It’s a toss-up, I guess. Because we all have our own type of backgrounds of music and just speaking personally, I’ve played in a lot of Punk/Metal Hardcore bands, and while I’ve always loved doing it, carrying amplifiers isn’t any fun! Although I still play a big instrument, it’s better than lugging in all these amps to play a 45 minutes set. It’s a tough racket, but it’s very rewarding in its own rite…for that outlet…when it’s something that I enjoy…because it’s a lot of what I listen to still (Metal/Hardcore). You know playing this style of music is definitely rewarding. For me, it’s challenged me to become a better musician. Playing the upright bass and being more proficient and when you slim it down to this style, it’s challenging. It’s definitely in the forefront--especially for me playing the bass--it sticks out like a sore thumb when you’re not “on”. ALEX DALNODAR Alex: There’s no room for error. Pete: You can’t mask any errors with copious amounts of distortion. Alex: Yeah that’s about it really. We did it for a long time. It got to a point, speaking for myself, I got very, very, burnt-out on the heavy music scene in central Wisconsin. I was probably not quite going at it as hard as I am now, with this band. But it was also much more difficult to get people together and do it, and venues were harder to get into…and this and that and the other thing, you know. It is more rewarding, definitely more rewarding…and yeah screw carrying amps around! Pete: Even though I still have to (carry amps) it’s much smaller than it used to be. I have slimmed down my amplifier by a good 150 lbs.…which my back also appreciates. Alex: And you know, realistically, we could be just as aggressive playing this kind of music as we were when we were in Hardcore bands. It may not seem that way to the common listener, but I definitely think that I’m putting way more into my writing and stuff of that nature. “Desire to Decapitate” is a really brutal, brutal, song…I guess that would be more Metal-like lyrics or something like that if it were to be converted.