ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 68

Music by DIG DEEP “Before the End of My Days” DIG DEEP Interview and Photography by Chris Wurtinger • www.CWSnaps DIG DEEP is a band that started around February. It is a foursome that split from a band known as THE DITCHRUNNERS, possessing somewhat of the sound from The Ditchrunners--refined to reflect more of the personality of the members of Dig Deep. The brotherhood that they have formed playing together is evident, and in this interview, it comes across more than once that even though they make their living with the band, it is completely about the music. But I will let you be the judge… CW: Tell me about the name “Dig Deep” Alex: Well actually, the name is just kind of a silly story. There was a photographer we worked with while we were in a band called The Ditchrunners…He would repeat, “Dig deep, dig deep….come on, DIG DEEP!” Then, thirty pictures later, he would be telling us again, “Dig deep, dig deep….” It kind of caught on and we were all saying it at shows here and there. And then when the time came to pick a name, it seemed like the right choice. It’s honestly not that we “dig deep”, because we rarely do. (laughter) CW: How would you define the music of Dig Deep? Alex: Bluegrass that really wants to be Metal. Pete: Bluegrass, but a little more aggressive, and faster tempo-ed. Non-traditional Bluegrass. While we definitely all have an appreciation for it (Bluegrass), we have to put our own spin on it--make it fun for us to play--and a little bit more aggressive nature is definitely what I appreciate. CW: Is this the type of music you prefer to play?