ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 64

JULIET SIMMS Interview by Leslie Hadaway • Photography by Gary Carota Have you ever watched a talented painter quietly create a masterful work of art on a blank canvas? Watch every dip of the brush, every stroke of color? That's what it's like when you watch JULIET SIMMS perform. I was recently blessed with a most amazing opportunity to see her perform at the Charlotte, North Carolina stop on the current VANS WARPED TOUR 2015. Watching Juliet perform was like watching Michelangelo paint the ceiling at the Sistine Chapel--a true work of art! From the very moment she stepped foot on the JOURNEYS Right stage, she held the audience captive. It was pure magic and artistry wrapped up into one. The love affair between her and her fans is palpable; almost overwhelming at times. Juliet gave the performance of her life, despite the 90° degree heat. I had the pleasure of taking a peek behind the curtain that hot summer day, and talk with Juliet about everything. We talked about her fans, her relationship with ANDY BEIRSACK, her songwriting-as well as her influences and her experience on THE VOICE. ION: Hi Juliet How are you? JS: I'm fine, thank you! ION: I got the opportunity to catch some of your set. You're amazing! JS: Thank you! ION: The way the crowd reacted to you was wild. What's it feel like to have them sing your words back to you? JS: It feels incredible, feels like everything I've worked so long and hard for is being acknowledged in a really beautiful way. ION: I can tell. I see that they really loved you!