ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 49

a bunch of BMX hooligans in my sleepy home town. “Post Traumatic Breakfast” is an ode to those who use dark humor to get through the hard times. Living life between the coasts can a rough and boring experience. Fortunately for the guys in Blatant Finger, they found the perfect solution. They plugged in their guitars, put their rage on the page and made a record about it. Not only is it a record that puts the Ohio experience in perfect perspective, but it’s a brand of music that both Punk Rock purists and the new school can appreciate the same. Come find out what I and many people across my fair state have known about for a long time, and check out “Full-On Empty” today! “Full-On Empty” was recorded at JOHN SCHWAB RECORDING and released by 89 RECORDS. For a copy of the record, visit: www.blatantfin To connect to the band, visit: