ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 126

DC: Our models and future models will for sure have some unique design elements and killer details. As the models come to life, one will see more of “DC Designs”. For the most part, we have been building what the customers have requested per their personal specifications. 2016 we will transition to DC DESIGNS and more online sales. Custom orders will still be available at request though. KP: Other than DC AXES, what other manufacturers of guitars inspire you? DC: I have several manufacturers that have inspired me, such as SUHR, GIBSON, FENDER, HUFSCHMID--and our local luthier, MCINTURFF GUITARS. Wow…there are so many! Each has its own personal features that make them unique. KP: If you could pick ONE musician that would endorse and play DC AXES onstage, who would that be? DC: Nationally, I am such a MARK TREMONTI fan. That would be awesome! However, getting some of the local unsigned guitarist my models and really getting to hear them on stage, would be just as satisfying. It’s going to happen soon! KP: If you had to pick an “all-time favorite” design of yours, what would that be and why? DC: I currently have a personal LP inspired design with loaded tweaks that is on hold. Once I have filled the current orders. I will finish and release. It will be a killer instrument! I would like to mention these models will be loaded exclusively with BARE KNUCKLE PICKUPS. We do use SEYMOUR DUNCAN, SUHR, and DYLAN pickups on other models. They all rock! KP: Is there a particular individual that has inspired you in this venture…whether living or has passed? DC: Years ago, I worked with a master craftsman who shared so much of his knowledge as if I was his “chosen one”. I never could figure out why this gentleman was embedding all this knowledge in my head. Wow! Only if I knew then what I know now! I am really thankful he took time to teach me his skills. Thank you BOB MAYE--I am forever humbled you took time to help me. KP: Where can our readers find out more about DC AXES? DC: You can learn about DC Axes at: Inquire at We would love to hear from you--Rock On!