ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 125

DC AXES Interview with Owner Dean Carrothers • By Kiki Plesha KP: With any great business, there is a “backstory”. There is one regarding how ION Indie Magazine was founded. What is yours? DC: After many years of planning and preparation, DC AXES has recently come to life. With 30+ years in the woodworking industry, and many years in or around guitars/ music, the custom shop has evolved naturally. It is an awesome feeling being involved with the local North Carolina artist and now across the US. We are now planning a relocation and a 2016 re-launch! So excited to see what develops in the near future. KP: What has driven your passion for designing and crafting guitars? Have you played in a band yourself? DC: I still own my father’s original guitar. I remember as a young child taking hold of this fine instrument. It just felt right. Now, I am one that has to understand how things work, so yes--I soon had this guitar in several pieces to see what makes it sound so awesome. That’s where it all started. I did play with a few friends locally. That’s about as far as I got as a “rock star”.  KP: What trends have you seen in guitar design that you are taking into consideration when crafting DC AXES? DC: There are so many awesome luthiers and craftsman that have awesome designs. For me, I guess it is a matter of personal taste and designing what works for today’s artist. I do have some really neat ideas for our re-launch. Understanding how the tone woods, electronics, finishes and the player’s rig works together, does make it exciting to hear final dial in. KP: What makes DC AXES different?