ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 121

The band itself is amazing just because JOHN PAUL JONES is on bass and JOSH HOMME is on guitar--but Grohl’s drum tracks are also just so incredible. MM: Alexa, you always have the "blindspot" logo on your arm for every show, ever think about just getting a tattoo instead of writing it every show? Alexa: People ask me all the time if it is a tattoo, so I’m already getting away with it!! But in all reality, my dad would probably kill me! I like the idea of me writing it myself anyways. It’s personal and I like to think it’s become a kind of trademark for me on stage. MM: Speaking of parents, I’ve seen your mom at every show. She’s very important to your musical future isn’t she? Alexa: My mom is my biggest supporter and I truly couldn’t do this without her! Both of my parents are the reason I got into music in the first place and I don’t know what I would do without them. My mom is at every show with two cameras taking pictures and videos (which is so helpful for us to watch after shows to see where we can improve) and cheering us on. She’s the ideal “momager” and I always promise she will get her 10% someday! MM: What’s next for blindspot? Chris: We just came out with our latest single called “I Won’t Let Your Heart Break”, so we are promoting that right now, but we are also in the process of recording a few more new songs which will be out later this year. The plan right now is to keep writing and performing, and hopefully, one-up ourselves with every show and every new song. We are also in a “Last Band Standing Competition” put on by NEW ENGLAND MUSIC AWARDS in September for the second year in a row, so we’re really excited about that. MM: Adam, as the newest member of blindspot, you get the last question. What is the most memorable, funny or embarrassing story about your band mates that the fans don’t know? Adam: I’d have to say most memorable moment for me as a new member was during one of our gigs at THE WORTHEN in Lowell. It was a local music showcase and we showed up thinking it was going to just be another show. However, what we didn’t know was that the actual venue was as big as a modestly sized living room; not very conducive to a Rock band setup. So, while the first act was playing (a guy on an acoustic guitar), Alexa leans over to me and asks if I’d be okay with doing an acoustic set. Aside from the fact that we didn’t have any sort of acoustic percussion with us aside from a humongous drum set, we hadn’t rehearsed any sort of acoustic version for ANY of the songs we were going to play, initially I was hesitant. But looking around and seeing that there were about twelve people in the crowd, I decided that it was worth it, since I didn’t want to bring the roof crashing down with my playing. With that, Chris left to go drive to his house and grab a hand-shaker, a tambourine, and an acoustic guitar just for me thump on as a quasi “bass”. He returned with the instruments, we sat up on three chairs on stage, and we just did the set as we normally would (which heavy improvisation in the middle). Also by this point, more people had showed up and it was actually a decent-sized crowd, so I was sort of nervous. After we completed the set though, it really was the moment where it clicked for me and I thought “these guys rock!” Any other band would have took one look at the venue and left immediately, but Chris and Alexa looked at it and said, “How can we make this work for us?” Which, among other things, shows a dedication, passion, and sense of professionalism which is all too rare these days. They also fight a lot and it makes me laugh, but you knew that already.