ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 119

in my dorm mate--who played the bass--and he brought in his (dorm mate)--who played guitar as well as sax. We were called SPECTRUM at first, and then AUDIOMATTER, after about six months of gigging (yeah, I know). Imagine MUSE with sax thrown in. After that project ran out of gas, I would just jam with friends here and there so I could keep playing…which is why when I heard blindspot was looking for a new full-time drummer, I knew I had to hop on board. Writing, playing, and performing music is honestly my favorite thing to do, and I’m eternally grateful I get to do it with two people as dedicated as Alexa and Chris. MM: What is your songwriting process like? Alexa: Chris and I write together. Most of the time he comes up with a musical idea and we work together on chord changes and melodies, which I then write lyrics to. For our latest single “I Won’t Let Your Heart Break”, it started as a school project for my theory class until I sent it to Chris and he helped turn it into what it is today. MM: There have been two lineup changes since I’ve been following the band. You and Chris seem to be the backbone of blindspot. How did you two meet? Alexa: We met through a friend of a friend in high school. He used to record me doing acoustic covers and eventually asked me to sing at an open mic night with him and two other previous blindspot members during my first semester of college. I was so nervous that I almost said, “No”, but saying, “Yes” was the best decision I’ve ever made because of where we are today. MM: How did it happen that you don’t have a bassist? Will you eventually audition a bass player? Alexa: We did have one for a while until the time came for us to part ways. Ironically, that time came the night before a battle of the bands at JEWEL NIGHTCLUB with the chance of opening for PUDDLE OF MUDD. This was definitely an opportunity that we could not pass up, so I convinced Chris to stay up all night making backing tracks, which we rehearsed with all day before the show. We ended up winning an opening spot for Puddle of Mudd and received so much support that we figured we would give our new arrangement a real chance, and it has really shaped our recent sound and image in a positive way. We have a completely open mind for having a bass player, but we don’t want to rush into anything until the right person comes along. MM: You’ve now shared the stage with some pretty impressive Rock bands, which one is most memorable? Alexa: This year has been an amazing ride for us so far in terms of who we have gotten to share the stage with. I think the most memorable for me would have to be playing with GIN BLOSSOMS back in March. I have never looked out from the stage and seen that many people standing in front of me. It was a true honor to play with them and we received some amazing feedback that night. Puddle of Mudd will always have a special place in my heart because it was our first huge show--as well as SCOTT WEILAND, because he’s a legend! MM: Chris, on stage I see you play both keyboards and lead guitar, what other instruments do you play? Chris: Besides piano and guitar, I also play the drums. MM: Adam, do you play any other instruments? Adam: I mentioned before I played the violin for a good portion of my childhood (and sucked gloriously at it), but aside from that, I started dabbling in guitar about five years ago. Never took a lesson, but I own an acoustic guitar that I mess around on sometimes, either for fun or to help me write my own music. MM: This question is for all three of you--If you could jam with anyone, (alive or passed) who would it be? Chris: I think it would have to be JOHN BONHAM. He’s one of my favorite musicians, certainly my favorite drummer. He had a really great feel that no one else has. It can be hard to tell who is playing drums just from hearing it, but you always know when it’s him.