ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 118

Like I said--I know a good band when I hear them! I never judge a book by its cover anymore… MM: How did the name blindspot come about? Chris: We had gone through several names, none of which we were really happy with, so one day we decided we’ll just leave it up to chance. We opened up a psychology textbook to a random page, pointed to a word, and it happened to be the word “blind” and I immediately thought “blindspot”. Alexa: We decided to use all lowercase letters for "blindspot", including the "b." MM: Tell me about your musical backgrounds, education, training, previous bands, etc… Chris: My dad has always played piano around the house, so I picked it up from him. I started taking lessons in the 6th grade and switched over to guitar when I was a junior in high school. I was in a few Metal bands in high school, but blindspot has been my main focus since then. I’m currently in the music program at UMass Lowell, where I study sound recording and Jazz guitar. Alexa: I really didn’t start singing until blindspot, which was the beginning of my freshman year of college. I have been playing guitar since I was 8, but singing was just kind of a fun thing to do when I played guitar and I never took it seriously. Once we started gigging more, I began taking voice lessons and have since spent a lot of time getting to know my voice, expanding my range, and working on my pitch. Adam Miller: As far as music goes, I’ve been playing instruments since I was in 3rd grade. Granted, when I was younger I was just playing the violin (quite badly, I might add). While I wasn’t the greatest at it, playing it did teach me a lot about music theory, how to read sheet music, etc. I first started playing the drums in 2007, when my really good friend Gavin approached me during a free period at school one day and we had this conversation: Him: “Hey, do you want to start a band?” Me: (without looking up from what I’m doing) “Yeah, sure” Him: “Okay, I’ll play guitar, I guess.” Me: “Sweet. Drums sound cool-- I’ll play those.” So it was decided that I would be the drummer for our super cool Rock band, SIMPLE HEROES (blech). I didn’t take formal lessons for around a year, before which I was learning just from watching YouTube videos of famous drummers and practicing with some drum sticks I borrowed from my high school’s music department and using my pillow as a practice pad. Unfortunately, Simple Heroes never materialized since I didn’t realize that Gavin had said it as a one-off whim, and wasn’t really serious about it. Regardless, turns out I really liked playing the drums, so I stuck with it. My first real band wasn’t until college, where I sta 'FVB