ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2015, Volume 15 - Page 117

NEVER judge a book by its cover! I’ve told myself this over and over, but I never listen. So one night, I’m at JEWEL NIGHTCLUB in Manchester way back in December. They’re hosting a “Battle of the Bands” event to see who will open for an upcoming show with headliners PUDDLE OF MUDD. All the usual local suspects are there to strut their music muscles, rock out and prove their worthiness of being on the same bill as a national touring band. Local favorites like CRYIN’ SHAME, MY SISTER WILL and the mighty TESTER are all in the house. I’m hanging around between sets watching the bands load in, play and load out. In the door comes three “kids” with their instruments. These three looked like the textbook definition of an Indie coffee house trio. My first thought was, “They looked barely 18, they probably don’t know who OZZY is, probably freshmen at the nearest community college, etc.” The guitarist could have been blown over by a stiff breeze, the lead singer looked like someone who’d be babysitting my kids while I’m at a Rock concert and the drummer looked barely old enough to drive. I’ll be the first to admit-I wrote them off. Certainly these “kids” can’t be on the same stage as the local greats! Definitely not with a national act like PUDDLE OF MUDD! Man oh man, was I wrong! Let me tell you about BLINDSPOT… The lead singer--that’s ALEXA ECONOMOU--she’s a little powerhouse on stage! Amazing voice, plays some guitar and rocks out like a younger—and waaaaaay better looking STEVEN TYLER. The guy on lead guitar and keyboards-that’s boy genius CHRIS CORMIER. The night before the “battle”, their band was left without a bassist. Without missing a beat (sorry, bad pun!), Chris stays up all night and makes up bass backing tracks for the show. He kind of reminds me of a cross between a younger THE EDGE and GEDDY LEE. The drummer--that spot’s since been filled with ADAM MILLER. He’s the only engineer I know that can keep a beat and totally kill it every show on his drums. The kid can definitely play! I’ve seen blindspot a bunch of times since that first night. Hey, I know a good band when I hear one! This little trio from Lowell, Massachusetts, can bring it with the best of them. The results of the “battle”, you ask? They opened for PUDDLE OF MUDD--and since then have opened for BUCKCHERRY, SCOTT WEILAND, TANTRIC, SAVING ABEL and THE GIN BLOSSOMS too. That’s a pretty impressive resume!