ION INDIE MAGAZINE August 2014, Volume 3 - Page 67

local artists, infiltrate a venue and create a show to earn money on the artists who MAKE THE SHOW. My advice to the artists--WORK TOGETHER and directly with the venue owner and create your own show. When you do, share the door EQUALLY and PUT YOUR MONEY where your mouth is when you say you SUPPORT THE LOCAL SCENE. As far as socially, the SCENE is a WORLDWIDE SCENE--just as music is a worldwide language. There are MANY ARTISTS on NEUE REGEL who are getting fans and other stations overseas to listen and download because they realize you are appealing to a wider audience. FOR THOSE OF YOU that have figured out that the internet is a worldwide communication tool. LOL. If a promoter/booker ever comes to you and says that the first 7-10 through the door goes to them…IMMEDIATELY TURN DOWN THE SHOW. That is $70$100 that you can use toward promotion that will garner you more TRUE fans that just doing a show--as well as put towards merch and swag. Neue Regel Radio either gives a guaranteed contract to the artist without selling a ticket or an equal share of 100% of the door between ALL the artists. Like I said before, don't just say you support it! Actions SPEAK! One last thing for this month. IT doesn’t matter who you are--a venue, an artist, a promoter, and booking agent and even a DJ--It is not YOUR SCENE. What divides us is self-glorification on the backs and hard work of others. Give the credit where it is due…The Artist! DJ RTFX is a DJ on WELCOME TO THE NEW ORDER!