ION INDIE MAGAZINE April 2017, Volume 35 - Page 11

JP: YOUR FAVORITE PIECE OF GEAR AND WHY. Telefunken and Neumann mics. Toughest question ever asked- just one look at Ryche’ s pedal board and you can see how tough that is. We mix old and new analog and digital. Old MXR to new JHS and Fishman Aura pedals. Parker Fly, Taylor, Veillette Gryphon, are some of the guitars. MTD, Sadowsky, NS Basses are some of the basses. EA, Aguilar, TechAmp, Randall, Peavey are some of the amps. Korg, Roland and Yamaha, Casio are some of the keyboards. DiMarzio cables were used on all of the tracks. JP: WILL THERE BE A CHANCE TO SEE FLYING DREAMS THIS SUMMER? Absolutely. The �rst LP sparked an interest that took us a bit by surprise. We are so appreciative of the correspondence we receive from people. We are really looking forward to seeing the fans - look for us to send out advance tracks and videos. We have been getting radio play on the whole LP (, as well as the single “True Love” (magic among other stations). That has helped us with live performance offers on the east coast. Ryche’ s following in Europe and Japan (from his previous bands including Renaissance) has also helped with internet and terrestrial radio play. Ron, as the music business attorney for so many bands has the “rolodex” of doom. That phrase will become a band name now - unless everyone has forgotten what a rolodex is. Kendall has his own keyboard player following (from Project Object and other bands). VISIT RYCHE ON THE WEB: WWW.RYCHECHLANDAFLYINGDREAMS.COM