Investor Quarterly™ June 2016 - Page 6

6 Dear IQ™ Reader, Are you searching everywhere trying to find a solution for Investing? Overwhelmed at all the options and possible directions? Wondering which Strategy or Investment option is right for you? Want to avoid the hucksters and hacks of the industry? My name is Pete Asmus and I’m the Editor of Investor Quarterly™. If you answered yes to anyone of those questions this publication is for you. The Investor Quarterly™ is the best and most accurate source for ongoing breaking news and information in the Investing world, focused on Real Estate. As an investor myself, I was constantly looking for resources that were real not just smoke and mirrors or agenda based. This publication is a way to peer into the lives, ideas and strategies of successful investors. Our focus will be in the Real Estate arena but it won’t be restricted to it. This is about Investors period, whether that be in stocks, bonds, businesses or real estate. We are here to find the successful experts in a field and find out how they did it or how we can copy it. This digital Magazine will allow you to quickly ascertain not only if you like a strategy but if you like the individual who is doing it or teaching it. We have the ability with Investor Quarterly™ to not only provide top quality articles but because it’s a digital magazine we have the ability to add Audio and Video files. The Turnkey Investor will be giving us ‘Insider TIPS’ or an ‘Expert Insight’ in each edition, along with other top contributors from around the country in the Real Estate Industry. • Find the best Resources • Join the best Groups that are getting consistent results • Engage with the best Experts • Implement their Successful Strategies • Stay up to date with the most Relevant Breaking News • Take advantage of all the best offers in Real Estate Investing, Coaching and Education Sign up right now because it’s still FREE! 7